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International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP2010)
Planning Meeting on the Regional Water KnowledgeHub for Groundwater Management of Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF)
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Session4: Identification of Capacity Development Needs on Groundwater
Participants were requested to prepare a 'wish list' of capacity development needs for sustainable groundwater management. Major areas of capacity development, potential topics, and targets (for whom we need to do capacity development) were focused. Participant indicated that capacity development should be targeted at all levels from users, private sector, groundwater managers, national and local government, to decision-makers. Discussions mainly focused on capacity development needs for groundwater monitoring and resource assessment techniques, prevention and treatment methods of groundwater contamination, designing regulations and policies, and raising awareness on groundwater such as major problems/issues of groundwater management, prevention and conservation of aquifers, existing laws and regulations, supply and demand management. The following table summarises the discussions on capacity development needs:
Areas What Whom Level
  Groundwater system

-Government managers/officers
-Drilling companies
Local, National
Groundwater monitoring (Quantity/Quality)*
Data management (collection and assessment)**

-Government managers/officers
-Private sector
Local, National
Groundwater modelling Resource managers (government/private) Local, National
Contamination and pollution
Treatment (extracted water)
Remediation (aquifer)
-Government managers/officers
-Private sector (potential polluters)
Local, National
Aquifer recharge (artificial, managed) Resource managers (government/private)/users Local, National
Management and Policy
  Design of policy and regulations Policy makers (line agencies) Local, National
Knowledge base/information kit
Groundwater data interpretation
Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)
Awareness Stakeholders
  Water conservation (and preservation) Users (private sector/polluters), schools Local
Supply and demand management Users (private/commercial) Local
Regulations and policies Users (private/commercial), NGOs, INGOs, village leader, communities Local
Status of groundwater and its problems Users, decision-makers (ministers, politicians) National, Local

* could include automatic monitoring, community knowledge on monitoring, monitoring networks (install & operate), monitoring manuals, monitoring parameters
** could be short-term and long-term
Other identified areas/keywords were:
Baseline information; data network; knowledge (education/extension/dissemination) ;
establish resource centre; finance; groundwater extraction; latest technologies;
maintenance; people behavior; recharge potential; remote sensing;
resource management; resource mapping; treatment of Arsenic;

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