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International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP2010)
Planning Meeting on the Regional Water KnowledgeHub for Groundwater Management of Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF)
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Session 2: Actions for better groundwater management in Asia
Key Points of the Presentations
IUCN experiences in groundwater management in the Asian region
Mr. Ganesh Pangare, Coordinator, Regional Water and Wetlands program, Asia, The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

IUCN works in water with the theme of water for food, water for nature, water and livelihoods, and in last two years IUCN has started working in groundwater both globally and regionally;

In spite of various uses of groundwater, the issues on groundwater have not been well addressed in the region, especially in the Lower Mekong region

IUCN is conducting several capacity development programmes and we are going to publish a toolkit for groundwater management (SPRING) in different languages. IGES as a KnowledgeHub could also benefit from this;

Issues on groundwater have many dimensions such as rural and urban, quantity and quality, transboundary, drinking water, industry, and irrigation. There is a challenge to put together and prioritise the most important issues. So cooperation and collaboration among different expertise is essential, such as IUCN, mainly working on biodiversity and conservation, may not be good at drinking water or irrigation issues;

From IUCN experiences on case studies, local knowledge and management practices on groundwater could be very valuable, and therefore, these should be identified and preserved;

Data sharing is a real issue for groundwater management and IGES as KnowledgeHub should work to fulfil the existing information gaps;
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Mr. Ganesh Pangare
TERI experiences in groundwater management research in India
Mr. Devesh Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Resources, TERI University

TERI, which is also a KnowledgeHub for water and climate change adaptation in South Asia, is conducting various projects on groundwater resource management, mainly in India;

India is using about 230 km3 of groundwater, which is more than a quarter of total global groundwater consumption. It is also facing many groundwater problems such as aquifer depletion, quality deterioration, sea water intrusion;

Major future concerns on groundwater sustainability are related with how to ensure irrigation and food security of large population and maintain safe drinking water supply in rural and urban areas;

There are several complexities in terms of hydrogeology, recharge, uses, socio-economic status in South Asia and groundwater governance system is not so efficient. As a result there exists wide range of complex groundwater problems and issues across the region;

Complex nature of groundwater problems means that there is no single solution, and therefore we need to identify problems and go for appropriate remediation measures ;

The following elements should be considered in groundwater management - resource assessment and groundwater database management; public participation and community approach; promotion of 4R (reduce, reuse, recycle, and recharge); effective regulation and pricing mechanism; integrated surface and groundwater management; rainwater harvesting; water saving technologies; capacity development; assessment of climate change impacts on groundwater resources;
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Mr. Devesh Sharma
AIT experiences in capacity development and research activities on groundwater management
Mr. Sangam Shrestha, Assistant Professor, Water Engineering and Management, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

AIT has long experience in both providing training and conducting research activities on groundwater management in Asia;

AIT is very strong especially on capacity development and it also conducts courses on groundwater such as 'Groundwater Development and Management';

AIT is also conducting several research works on groundwater management and number of masters and doctoral students are focusing their research work on groundwater themes;

AIT has been working on development of conceptual framework for groundwater sustainability index, identify groundwater recharge zones and potential, conjunctive use of surface and groundwater, groundwater pollution, GIS application and so on;

AIT has been working with IGES for a long time on work such as sustainable groundwater management in Bangkok and it is still interested to do joint research work such as economic instruments for groundwater governance, aquifer recharge in urban areas;

AIT could also contribute in capacity development areas such as training, short-term courses, diploma on groundwater for decision makers;
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Mr. Sangam Shrestha
Kyoto University experiences on Asian water environment research and human resources networking
Mr. Shigeo Fujii, Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University

Kyoto university has been conducting several research and educational programmes in Asian region (such as GCOE-Human Security engineering, EML Project: education to foster environmental leaders, SaniCon-Asia) all of which are mainly based on mutual collaboration and human resources networking across Asia;

Networks are very necessary to conduct joint research and also to send our students to internships so that they can have practical field experiences on environmental problems in Asia;

Study on water environment mainly depends on multidiscipline human resources, as it is not possible to deal with water issues without considering different interrelated aspects of hydrology such as river flow, lakes, and groundwater;

One of our projects is on sanitation management in Asia (SaniCon-Asia) and we all know role of groundwater is very crucial for improving access to safe drinking water and sanitation;

Collaboration between researchers working in different water research fields are very helpful for both sides;

The regional water KnowledgeHub will be useful for our research activities, and our activities may be also able to contribute KnowledgeHub;
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Mr. Shigeo Fujii

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