The Satoyama Development Mechanism (SDM) 2014

SDM 2014 selected projects

The SDM announced the call for proposals for the SDM 2014 in June 2014. By the deadline for applications (end of September), the SDM Secretariat had received a total of 20 applications, of which 18 had presented convincing and promising proposals for the implementation and promotion of the concept of the Satoyama Initiative.

Board Meetings and an Advisory Meeting were convened in September and October 2014, where the Executive board carefully considered the eligible projects for the SDM 2014 in consultation with the Advisory Group, and in line with the project selection criteria. From the set of competitive proposals, the following six projects have been selected.

Recipient Project type Country Project title Region
AERF(NGO/CBO) 1.Community/ field-based implementation India Promoting Green Entrepreneurship for conservation of Satoyama landscapes in the North Western Ghats, India Asia (South)
A Rocha Ghana(NGO/CBO) 1.Community/ field-based implementation Ghana Restoration of Community Sacred Forest to Enhance Socio Ecological Landscape in the Effutu Traditional Area, Ghana Africa
National Dong-Hwa University (Academic) 1.Community/ field-based implementation Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) Tailoring Satoyama initiative concepts to national and local context: A Case Study of the collaborative planning process of a Rice Paddy Cultural Landscape in an Indigenous Community, Taiwan Asia (East)
APAIC (NGO/CBO) 2.Research activitie Peru Evaluation of the biodiversity chain in barren landscapes ecosystems restored through reforestation with Caesalpinea spinosa, in the southern semiarid coast of Peru Americas
Landcare Germany (NGO/CBO) 3.Workshops / Conferences / Meetings Romania Fostering cooperative nature conservation to preserve and develop the cultural landscape (SEPL) in the Carpathian Region of Pogány-havas Europe
SPREP (Intergovernmental) 4.Capacity building / Outreach Pacific region Healthy islands, oceans and people Pacific

2014bookletMore details on the selected projects can be found in the SDM 2014 Booklet.

 »SDM 2014 Booklet (10.4MB)

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