IGES Interview Series

What IGES Researchers are saying (June 2014 - March 2015)

"What IGES Researchers are saying" is a new interview series in which they talk about their work and
give their inside stories.

Monthly Asian Focus (January 2011 - March 2013)

"Monthly Asian Focus" is a web-based interview series in which leading environmental experts deliver their take on the latest trends for a sustainable Asia.

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Top News on the Environment in Asia (1998 - 2010)
E-alert Interviews (January 2005 - November 2010)
  1. Interviews (November 2010) Jusen Asuka
    Interview Prior to COP16: the Way Forward, Post-Kyoto
  2. Interviews (August 2010) Magnus Bengtsson
    Choosing to Manage an Orderly Sustainability Transition
  3. Interviews (February 2010) Masanori Kobayashi
    "People to People Relationships" - the Key to Bridging Communities and the World
  4. Interviews (September 2009) Charmine Koda
    Working Towards the Major Goal of a Low-Carbon Society
  5. Interviews (February 2009) Peter King
    On Values and Attitudes of Researchers
  6. Interviews (November 2008) Dr. Rajendra Pachauri and Dr. Rabinder Malik
    Partnership between TERI and IGES Towards a Low-Carbon Economy
  7. Interviews (August 2008) Hideaki Koyanagi
    Building a Bridge for Environmental Cooperation between Japan and China: The China of today, host of the 2008 Olympics
  8. Interviews (February 2008) Takahiko Hiraishi
    Working to Reconcile Environment and Development
  9. Interviews (July 2007) Hironori Hamanaka
    Presenting Effective Solutions for Issues in the Real World
  10. Interviews (March 2007) Yatsuka Kataoka
    Water Resource Management in Asia: localised activities can lead to universal proposals
  11. Interviews (July 2007) Ancha Srinivasan
    Adapting to Climate Change: Bridging the gap between developed and developing countries
  12. Interviews (March 2006) Puja Sawhney
    Asia and the Pacific: sharing wisdom throughout the region, in the pursuit of a sustainable society
  13. Interviews (November 2005) Rie Watanabe
    The fate of the Kyoto Protocol at COP/MoP1
  14. Interviews (June 2005) Moustapha Kamal Gueye
    Anticipating Problems: Effective Environmental Policies and Institutions for Economic Integration in Asia
  15. Interviews (January 2005) Akio Morishima
    The Power of Society-Changing Theories: Environmental Law and Strategic Research

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