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Side events at Better Air Quality conference,
BAQ 2014

BAQ2014 side event

IGES was a participant at Better Air Quality 2014, the largest conference on air pollution in the Asian region, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 19 to 21 November. IGES organised side events promoting an effective approach to numerous issues including climate change through measures to prevent air pollution.

The BAQ Conference promotes air pollution countermeasures in Asia, a region that continues to suffer from serious air pollution. The conference is held once every two years bringing together participants from governments, research institutes, NGOs and related industries, who share their own measures as well as the latest knowledge, technology and experiences to strengthen and promote effective collaborative actions in relevant fields such as transport, energy, industry and climate change. This year’s BAQ2014 was hosted by the UNCRD, the Government of the host country, Sri Lanka, the Ministry of the Environment Japan (MOEJ), and Clean Air Asia as an integrated conference with high level talks of the 8th Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum. Under the theme “Next Generation Solutions for Clean Air and Sustainable Transport – Towards a Livable Society in Asia”, many side events were held during the 3-day conference with around 1,000 participants from Asia and beyond.

At the IGES event on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs), Eric Zusman, Principal Policy Researcher, gave a presentation on the latest research trends and necessity to implement measures that fully take into account the situation in each country in the region to reduce SLCPs. At another side event on Climate Finance and Green Cities, IGES Researcher, Sudarmanto Nugroho, reported on the current state and observations on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) by introducing the Bus Rapid Transit system at the city level in Indonesia.

Furthermore, IGES was an observer at the BAQ2014 pre-event, the Combined Meeting of the Consultation Meeting for the Joint Forum on Clean Air in Asia and the Pacific and the Fifth Governmental Meeting on Urban Air Quality in Asia, organised by UNEP-ROAP and Clean Air Asia. As an example of good practice for local initiatives on air pollution, there was a presentation of activities of the Asian Co-Benefits Partnership, for which IGES serves as Secretariat. These events were attended by over 60 participants from 20 governments, research institutes, atmospheric environment initiatives and UN agencies.

Date 19-21 November 2014
Place Colombo, Sri Lanka
Organiser United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD)
Ministry of the Environment Japan (MOEJ)
Government of Sri Lanka
Clean Air Asia
Official Site
  • SLCP COP Side Event
  • SLCP COP Side Event
  • BAQ2014 サイドイベント

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