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Event 1 Collaborating Efforts to Strengthening Cities Resilience to Climate and Disaster Risks 9 March, 13:15 - 14:45 JST Over the past 20 years, disasters have affected over 4 billion people, caused USD 2.97 trillion in damage, and claimed approxima

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Seminar on the Joint Crediting Mechanism

- Recent Developments in Article 6 of the Paris Agreement towards Carbon Neutral -

In October 2020, the Japanese government announced its aim for the "realization of a carbon-neutral and decarbonised society by 2050". In order to accomplish this goal, the seminar provides opportunities for private companies that are interested...
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Workshop on Biennial Update Report

IGES in collaboration with the Global Support Programme (GSP) and the UNFCCC Regional Collaboration Centre (RCC) for Asia and the Pacific, co-organised the “Workshop on Biennial Update Report (BUR*)” on 9 -11 February 2021. The three-day workshop...
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Beyond coal – Towards net-zero emissions: A common challenge for Japan and Germany

This online event brings together high-level government representatives, businesses, think tanks, and NGOs from Japan, Germany, and other countries to discuss questions such as: What does a net-zero emissions pledge mean for the coal sector? What...