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ASEAN SDGs Frontrunner Cities Programme Phase 2

The 1st Regional Workshop

In collaboration with the Department of Town and Country Planning (PLANMalaysia) under the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Malaysia, IGES organised the 1st Regional (Inception) Workshop for ASEAN SDGs Frontrunner Cities Programme Phase 2...
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EANET / IIASA International Workshop

Strengthening the Science-Policy Interface for Clean Air and a Sustainable Future in Asia

In many parts of Asia, the single greatest threat to human health and a sustainable future is air pollution. A growing body of modelling research have employed emissions inventories, scenario development, and benefit estimation techniques to...
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Regional Workshop on Climate Vulnerability Monitor: Focus on East Asia

Climate change is an existential crisis for the people of all countries. However, climate change poses an even more undeniable threat to countries that are particularly highly vulnerable due to their underlying biophysical and socio-economic characte
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Webinar on Quantifying Emissions (GHGs and SLCPs) from the Urban Infrastructures (Transport, Water, Wastewater, and Waste Management)

As non-state actors, cities play an important role in achieving Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) targets through transformative actions that address climate mitigation, urban resilience, and Sustainable Development Goals. The Sixth...
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Can Hydrogen Help the World Accelerate to Net-zero Targets?

Hydrogen as a fuel source has been gaining popularity as countries accelerate towards climate mitigation targets and net-zero goals. Majority of the hydrogen supplies in the global market are produced by fossil fuels (grey hydrogen) and these...
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A Special Session on the Policies and Practices on Education for Sustainable Development and Environmental Education in Asian countries at the International Conference on Sustainable Waste Management & Circular Economy (ICON-SWM)

Rapid urbanisation, economic growth, and changes in lifestyles and consumption patterns have resulted in a dramatic increase in the amount of waste generation, depletion of natural resources, and increase in environmental and climate change...
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JSPS-ICSSR Seminar 2022

Understanding and Addressing Systemic Risks Behind the Socio-economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Japan and India: Developing a Roadmap for a Resilient and Sustainable Future

Download the proceedings of the seminar from here: JSPS-ICSSR Seminar Proceedings The COVID-19 pandemic has spread to 202 countries and territories infecting 633 million people and killing 6.6 million as on November 09, 2022. 22.7 million people...