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The 6th SDGs Training

The SDGs Global Human Resource Development Program that Connects Learning and Society through Environmental Issues

IGES will organise the "SDGs Global Human Resource Development Program that Connects Learning and Society through Environmental Issues" from July 2024 to January 2025. This programme is being a carryout as a part of a UNESCO Activity Grant for...
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Faced with the urgent challenges of climate change, environmental pollution, and biodiversity loss, the world is increasingly recognising the need for decisive action. In response to these global issues, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and...
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Practical Workshop on Climate Assemblies: Featuring Local Cases in Japan and the UK

Climate Citizens' Assemblies are anticipated to be one way for various regions and countries to have a broad social consensus on promoting the transition to a decarbonised society. Climate Citizens' Assemblies gather together randomly selected...
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Asia-Pacific Climate Security Project (APCS)

International Workshop "Ensuring Food Security under Climate Crisis"

This workshop investigated current debates, research gaps, and possible policy interventions for ensuring food security under climate crisis. The communiqué issued at the World Food Summit in 1996 defines food security as follows: ‘Food security...
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International Symposium

Japan‘s Contribution to the 7th Assessment Cycle of IPCC and Collaboration with IIASA on “Climate Change and Cities”

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will produce the 7th Assessment Report (AR7), scheduled for 2023-2028. Within this process, it has been decided to prepare a special report on 'Climate Change and Cities' in response to the growing
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Seminar on City-to-City Collaboration for Zero Carbon Society

Cities currently account for 70% of global greenhouse gases and energy consumption. In order to achieve a carbon neutral society, cities must accelerate the transition to a decarbonised society that is suited to the characteristics of each city, and