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COP 28 Japan Pavilion Event

1.5°C Business Transformation Plan: Navigating the Net-Zero Future with a Roadmap

In order to accelerate efforts toward net zero with rapid and deep GHG emission reductions, systemic change which covers both the energy-demand side and supply-side is necessary. Such systemic change is also critically important for businesses to...
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UNFCCC Official side event

Bottom-up Approach of Regional Non-state Actors toward Updating NDCs in Post-GST

As the first GST is to be concluded at COP28, one important consideration is the involvement of Non-State Actors (NSAs) in the post-GST activities. The independent Global Stocktake (iGST) Regional Hubs in Southeast Asia and West Africa have been...
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COP28 Japan Pavilion Side Event

IIASA-JAPAN Joint Project on Cities

Ministry of the Environment has contributed to IIASA in the past and has conducted joint research on environmental issues. This year, the IPCC just started its 7th assessment cycle and is scheduled to prepare and publish a "Special Report on Cities a
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Side-event at APCW 2023

Shaping ‘Climate Security’ in Asia-Pacific

Climate security is an emerging concept that underlines the critical importance of addressing climate change issues in the context of security. This session rolls out the IGES’s new initiative aiming to explore climate security in the Asia-Pacific...