City Taskforce

Cities are important actors in achieving the targets of both the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The City Taskforce (CTY) co-creates solutions towards and promotes policies and strategies for low-carbon/carbon neutral, resilient and sustainable societies with stakeholders in Asian cities including those in Japan. In collaboration with other regional and international organisations and networks, CTY shares solutions and strategies with like-minded cities, and contributes to enhancing implementation capacity at the city level.

What's New
17 July 2019

IGES Supports SMEs SDGs Report Publication at the National-level,
and its Launch at the High-level Political Forum 2019

13 July 2018

IGES and x SDG Laboratory, Keio Research Institute launched a Japan local SDGs Map at the 2018 UN High Level Political Form on Sustainable Development, in New York (PDF 1.1MB)

Experts & Staff (in alphabetical order)

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