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Grand Launching Program Converter Gas, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Semarang & National Conference on “Transportation to Develop Country”

The launch ceremony for the JCM model project on the CNG Conversion programme for BRT Trans Semarang under the city-to-city cooperation between Toyama City, Japan and Semarang City, Indonesia was held on 9 January, 2019 in Semarang City. After the launch ceremony, there was a National Conference/Workshop on “Transportation to Develop Country” hosted by Semarang City Government and BLU Trans Semarang.

IGES was invited to join the launch ceremony and attend as one Resource Person/Speaker at the National Conference/Workshop, who delivered a presentation entitled “Translating Policy Research into Concrete Projects on Environmentally Sustainable Transport in Semarang City”.

It has been more than two years since IGES and Semarang City Government concluded an agreement to collaborate and support the implementation of the City Resilience Strategy (CRS) on 24 May, 2016. IGES provides a total solution on actionable plans by conducting the following activities: 1) Developing low-carbon society scenarios and multi sector action plans up to 2030; 2) Conducting an in-depth study on one particular sector, i.e. transportation sector through a co-benefits study; 3) Translating policy recommendations into practical actions; and 4) Implementation of a Project on Low Carbon Technologies through the JCM Programme.

Grand Launching Program Converter Gas
BRT Trans Semarang


Transformative Process from policy oriented research activities to practical actions and project developments on Transport Sector brought multiple benefits to the city.

The evidence-based and science-based policy process should be applied and it will be more feasible and possible with cooperation between city governments, local organisations, university/research institutes and international organisations.

The case of the transport sector in Semarang City, especially the JCM model project for Trans Semarang BRT, could be expanded to other cases in the transport sector such as: promoting green freight/city logistic; introduction of low-emission vehicles and improvement of non-motorised transport facilities.

It also could be promoted and applied in other sectors within the city government in order to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) for Semarang City.

Date 9 January 2019
Venue Convention Hall, Patra Jasa Hotel, Jalan Sisingamangaraja-Semarang Indonesia.
Organisers BLU Trans Semarang & Semarang City Government
Collaborators Toyama City Government
Hokusan Co, Ltd.
Supporters Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)
100 Resilient Cities (100 RC)
JCM Secretariat Indonesia
Number of participants Approximately: 500
languages Indonesian
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