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Market Mechanisms in Asian Countries

Market Mechanisms Country Fact Sheets
updated March 2016

  1. Cambodia
  2. China
  3. India
  4. Indonesia
  5. Indonesia (in Indonesian)
  1. Korea
  2. LaoPDR
  3. Mongolia
  4. Mongolia (in Mongolian)
  1. Myanmar
  2. Philippines
  3. Thailand
  4. Vietnam
CDM Emission Reductions Calculation Sheet Series

IGES ERs Calculation Sheet

  1. ACM0010 Version 5
    (Consolidated methodology for GHG emission reductions from manure management systems) launched May 2009
  2. ACM0012 Version 4.0
    (Consolidated baseline methodology for GHG emission reductions from waste energy recovery projects)
    updated November 2012
  3. ACM0014 Version 4
    (Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from treatment of industrial wastewater) updated August 2010
  4. AMS-III.D. Version 18
    (Methane recovery in animal manure management systems) updated April 2012
  5. AMS-III.F. Version 11
    (Avoidance of methane emission through composting) updated November 2012
  6. AMS-III.G. Version 8
    (Methane recovery in landfill) updated November 2012
  7. AMS-III.H. Version 16
    (Methane recovery in wastewater treatment) updated April 2012

IGES PoA Templates

  1. IGES PoA Template for Composting Projects updated July 2012
  2. IGES PoA Template for Biogas Projects updated July 2012
  3. IGES PoA Template for Compact Fluorescent Lamp Projects updated July 2012
  4. IGES PoA Template for Off-grid Renewable Energy Projects updated August 2012
  5. IGES PoA Template for Electric Vehicles Projects updated July 2012
Policy Brief / Policy Report
Market Mechanisms
MRV(Monitoring, Reporting and Verification)
CDM Reform Reports & Papers

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