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Coalition on Paris Agreement Capacity Building

Coalition on Paris Agreement Capacity Building

For the Paris Agreement to succeed, we need a skilled, highly trained, global workforce. One that can turn country pledges into actions. Investments in national capacities must be bigger, faster, and far smarter than previous efforts. 
But, how do we do this?

The Coalition on Paris Agreement Capacity Building is a passionate group of experts with a unique combination of experience. Capacity-building experts from IGES have been part of this Coalition since its beginning. Now that the Agreement is signed, this group has released its ground-breaking new report, containing a strategy and a suite of consensus recommendations specifically designed to meet this challenge.

Unfortunately, in nearly all developing countries, these workforces are currently too small and often insufficiently trained. Institutional roles are unclear or conflicting. We still don’t have adequate technical, institutional, and personnel capacity to implement climate measures. This report not only introduces you to the Coalition, but also presents a framework commensurate with the size and swiftness needed to fill this capacity gap.

We welcome governments and other stakeholders to adopt and apply elements of this report to suit their needs.

The Coalition is filling a niche; providing an outlet to discuss ideas and offering space to develop swift, flexible, and innovative capacity building approaches. A forum for thought leaders will enable a fundamental transformation. The group is fostering coordination and promoting best practices for plug-in solutions.

  • Time is of the essence
  • Download, read, and share our new report on a global capacity building strategy and recommendations.
  • Save-the-date for a Coalition side-event in Bonn at the UNFCCC SB 44, 18 May 2016 16:45—18:15.
  • You can see a list of current Coalition members here. This list will expand in the coming months.
  • Sign-up for Coalition news and updates.

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