Business and Environment: Outline
    (Kansai Research Centre)

Based on studies onsd low-carbon technology transfer from Japan to India and on studies on Market-based instruments for improving business performance in northeast Asia, this area will develop empirical and strategic research towards sustainable business in Asia through close collaboration with various stakeholders, including industrial sectors, and make practical policy recommendations.

Low Carbon Technologies transfer and Application

This task aims to formulate a scheme to accelerate application of Japanese low-carbon technologies to India through the development of concrete strategies. Such strategies will be based on assessing the opportunities and challenges of applying and diffusing certain promising low carbon technologies in India, pilot projects implementation, measurement activities as well as applying statistical and econometric analysis to assess policy and business initiatives towards the diffusion of low-carbon technologies in India. Onsite training programmes and outreach activities are also expected to be conducted to raise awareness among SME and policymakers on the benefits and cobenefits of applying Japanese low-carbon technologies in India. The ultimate goal is to deploy and diffuse those technologies through climate policy in India, NAMAs, Japan-India Bilateral offset Crediting Mechanism (BOCM/JCM), and other relevant regulations and/or incentives.

Policies toward Low Carbon Technologies Diffusion

Building on current research on ‘Market-based Instruments for Improving Company’s Carbon Performance in Northeast Asia’, this task aims to study policy packages and business initiatives to promote corporate efforts for innovation and diffusion of low-carbon technologies, including economic measures such as subsidies and taxation. In addition to the three major economies in Northeast Asia, target countries may be expanded to cover some other emerging countries in Asia, and enhance the information dissemination and impacts to related national and local governments, and businesses.

Inputs to Technologies Transfer Process

This task aims at cooperating and collaborating with major national, regional and international policy processes in relation to promoting low-carbon technology transfer, including for example bilateral offset crediting mechanism (BOCM/JCM), Knowledge Management Initiative led by ADB, East Asia Knowledge Platform for Low Carbon Growth, and CTCN (Climate Change Technology Centre Networks) established under UNFCCC. Cooperation and collaboration is expected to be carried out through joint activities and/or valuable inputs based on research activities conducted within IGES-KRC.

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