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A workshop was held in India on 19 December 2012
During the field research regarding induction furnaces in December, a workshop jointly organised by TERI and IGES was held on 19 December with the cooperation of IIF (Institute for Indian Foundrymen) and KEA (Kolhapur Engineering Association). About 50 people including owners of the foundries and engineers in Kolhapur attended the workshop. Participants were given an introduction to  Japanese induction furnace technology, an outline of the ALCT project as well as an explanation about the purpose of the mission . The event provided a good opportunity to show that energy saving/low carbonisation in the casting industry is not only a global warming countermeasure, but also has beneficial effects on product quality improvement and cost reduction. Moreover, it helps to solve environmental problems not only in India, but in Japan and all over the world, as well as to achieve sustainable development.
 19 December 2012
 Kolhapur, India
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