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Workshops were held in India on 15 and 22 December 2011.
During the field research in December, IGES held two workshops in two cities (Rajkot/Delhi) on December 15 and 22 with the cooperation of TERI. About 30-40 people attended the first workshop including the owners and managers of the SMEs in the casting industry in Rajkot, among whom were those from the SMEs where the field research was conducted. About 15-20 SME personnel in Noida area who are interested in GHP technology attended the second workshop.
The workshops provided IGES a good opportunity to introduce Japanese GHP and induction furnace technology, as well as to explain the outline of the project and the purpose of the field research. The workshop was beneficial as it allowed IGES researchers and technical experts to introduce the Japanese technology before the field research was conducted which helped make the research process go more smoothly, and also helped in establishing a network with local influential persons.
 15 and 22 December 2011
 Rajkot, Delhi, India
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