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A workshop was held in India on 6 July 2011
Prior to the field research in July, a workshop jointly organised by TERI and IGES was held at MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Agriculture) in cooperation with JICA. The outline of this project was introduced by IGES and TERI researchers, and Japanese low-carbon technology was introduced by Japanese technical experts in this workshop.

About 30 people attended the workshop, including middle and upper-level managers of businesses in the regional food processing industry which are members of the MCCIA, senior state government officials and researchers. Among them also are management personnel of the SMEs where the field research was conducted. The workshop was beneficial as Japanese technology was introduced to the top executives in advance, before the field research was conducted.

Thanks to this workshop, not only capacity building of the local leaders, senior government officials and researchers was enhanced, but also a network with these influential persons was established.

Date: July 6th, 2011 10:30~14:30
Venue: State of Maharashtra, India
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