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IGES launched the fourth White Paper "Greening Governance in Asia-Pacific"
25 July 2012

Every two years the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) publishes a White Paper on economic, social and environmental policy issues in the Asia Pacific region. On 25 July 2012, IGES will launch the fourth IGES White Paper "Greening Governance in Asia-Pacific" in Yokohama at the 4th International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP2012).

This 4th White Paper is based on the themes of governance, green economy and sustainable development and aims to drive further policy development by clarifying critical issues in the discourse on sustainable development governance and offering concrete recommendations. The authors argue that in order to achieve sustainable development globally, significant governance reform is needed in Asia-Pacific, including the development of regional institutions. The 4th White Paper offers innovative approaches to policy and governance to shift the region towards a green economy as a step towards sustainable development.

The fourth IGES White Paper "Greening Governance in Asia-Pacific"
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Chapter 1: Asia-Pacific, Green Economy, and Institutions for Sustainable Development
Chapter 2: Strengthening Governance for Environment and Sustainable Development: The potential for a capacity and information exchange platform in Asia-Pacific
Chapter 3: Forging Policy and Institutional Frameworks to Promote Access to Environmental Information
Chapter 4: Green Economy and Domestic Carbon Governance in Asia
Chapter 5: Community Forest Management and REDD+: Opportunities and challenges
Chapter 6: Achieving Environmentally Sound Development in Asia through the Transfer of Low Carbon Technology
Chapter 7: Networking Cities for Better Environmental Management: How networking functions can enhance local initiatives
Chapter 8: Policy Framework for International Collaboration towards Sustainable Resource Circulation and Management in Asia
Chapter 9: Conclusions


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