Press Release:
Regarding the Establishment of an Asian Co-benefits Partnership
15 November 2010
A co-benefits approach involves designing policies and projects that address development priorities while simultaneously incorporating climate change concerns. In recent years, a growing number of international organisations have promoted a co-benefits approach, while some countries in Asia have initiated co-benefits projects. However, the lack of a mechanism to share information and facilitate dialogue on these issues has limited the integration of co-benefits into sectoral planning and development policies in Asia. On 9 November 2010, approximately 100 participants in the Better Air Quality 2010 conference in Singapore helped launch an “Asian Co-benefits Partnership” with the support of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOEJ). The Partnership will serve as an informal and interactive platform to improve knowledge management and stakeholder cooperation on co-benefits in Asia. The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) will serve as the secretariat for the Partnership.

Partnership members will include various stakeholders working on co-benefits in Asia, including government agencies, international development organisations, academe, civil society, and the private sector. The ultimate goal of the Partnership will be to support the mainstreaming of co-benefits into national development plans and sectoral policies and projects in Asia.

An Advisory Group will be established as part of the Partnership’s management structure. Members of the Advisory Group will consist of representatives from Asian countries and international organisations. IGES, as the secretariat, intends to support the Partnership by conducting and promoting related research and hosting meetings and seminars.

Attached Document:
Asia Co-benefits Partnership Work Plan 2010/2011 181KB

Reference Information: Key events preceding the launching of the Partnership
- In June 2009, the “First International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific” (ISAP2009) was hosted by IGES in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Policymakers and experts at ISAP proposed the creating a network to improve regional cooperation and information sharing on co-benefits in Asia.
- As a result of the discussions at ISAP 2009, in October 2009 and again in March 2010, representatives of key international organisations met in Bangkok for follow-up meetings in order to clarify the main activities, functions, members, objectives, and implementing arrangements of the Asian Co-benefits Partnership.

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