The US-Japan Workshop on "The Co-benefits of Climate Actions in Asia"

23 April 2008

On April 22, IGES, the Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MoEJ) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) conducted a workshop in Bangkok, Thailand entitled "The Co-benefits of Climate Actions in Asia." The workshop examined the opportunities for and the obstacles to enhancing the policy impacts of co-benefits in Asia. Prominent speakers from Japan and the U.S. - representing governments, academia, non-governmental organisations and leading research institutions - along with participants from China, India, Indonesia, Viet Nam, the Philippines, and Thailand exchanged the latest information on the policies and measures to achieve developmental goals as well as reductions in emissions of global greenhouse gases.

The workshop had three sessions. The first session focused on the status, achievements and future prospects of co-benefit initiatives launched by the US EPA, the MoEJ, the Clean Air Initiative-Asia (CAI-Asia), and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission of the Asia Pacific (UNESCAP). The second panel identified significant opportunities for and obstacles to capturing co-benefits in the transportation sector. The concluding panel discussed the difficulties of designing a development-friendly climate regime and the need for recognising and rewarding co-benefits in the post-2012 climate regime.

IGES actively contributes to policy-making processes through governmental committees, international meetings and other official channels. It will continue to conduct research on co-benefits in sectors of high importance to Asia. IGES looks forward to build on the progress achieved in Bangkok and promote further collaboration with developing countries at the next U.S.-Japan co-benefits workshop scheduled for 2009 in Washington D.C.

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