4th Meeting of the Kitakyushu Initiative Network:
Representatives from 19 cities in 8 Asia-Pacific countries discussed improving the environment

26 June 2006
The 4th meeting of the Kitakyushu Initiative Network (KIN4) was held in Kitakyushu City on 25-26 June 2007. Around 100 representatives including mayors from 19 cities in 8 Asia-Pacific countries attended KIN4. The meeting was organised by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Kitakyushu City, and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES).

The Kitakyushu Initiative for a Clean Environment began as a UNESCAP programme in 2000 in cooperation with Kitakyushu City and IGES. One of its objectives is to facilitate networking between local governments in the Asia-Pacific region in order to share experiences and useful information on successful urban environmental management, through which each participating city can further improve its efforts.

Various local initiatives undertaken by local governments and NGOs, international organisations' supporting actions and other inter-city networks were presented, and were then followed by lively discussions. The participating cities expressed their appreciation for the activities implemented under the auspices of the Kitakyushu Initiative, such as seminars, study tours and pilot projects, which have contributed to sharing information, raising awareness and introduction and replication of successful cases. Further expectations for the Kitakyushu Initiative were set forth.

Commitments of each participating city to further enhance their urban environmental management efforts were declared by mayors respectively. Commitments declared included selected targets to be achieved by 2010 by each city, as well as necessary actions and measures to attain the stated targets. The participants reaffirmed that they would continue sharing experiences and information on available and useful technologies and financial mechanisms through the Kitakyushu Initiative Network activities. IGES, together with UNESCAP and Kitakyushu City, will continue its efforts to support local initiatives for environmental management through further promoting the activities of the Kitakyushu Initiative Network.

List of Participant Cities
China Dalian, Weihai
Indonesia Bogor, Surabaya
Japan Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Kyoto, Yokohama, Ube, Minamata
Korea Ulsan
Malaysia Sibu
Nepal Kathmandu
Philippines Bago, Cebu, Puerto Princesa, San Fernando
Thailand Bangkok, Nonthaburi
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