IGES launches its white paper on innovative policies towards sustainable Asia

1 February 2006
Hayama, Japan

IGES is pleased to announce the publication of its first white paper entitled, "Sustainable Asia 2005 and Beyond - In the pursuit of innovative policies," which consolidates the primary outcomes of its policy research for sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific region since its establishment in 1998.

Driven by buoyant economic development and continuous population growth, Asia is exerting exponential pressure on natural resources and the environment and it is feared that such trends may be accelerating. Based on the reports of six sectors, including forestry, freshwater, climate change, urban environment, business and environmental education, the report assesses the current environmental situation in Asia, reviews policy measures that are currently in place and presents a number of broad policy recommendations that promote sustainable development for the region.

Further decline of the environmental capital, the report warns, not only risks a reversal of the economic gains made over the past three decades, but will bring social and political instability to the region. The report emphasises that significant and immediate actions based on the mid- and long-term views are required at all levels throughout the region for a sustainable Asia.

The report is honoured to receive the recommendations from Prof. Emil Salim, former Minister of Environment, Indonesia, Dr. R.K. Pachauri, Chairman of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Prof. Motoyuki Suzuki, Chairman of the Central Environment Council of Japan.

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