IGES launched its "CDM Country Guide"
A series of manuals for CDM project development in each Asian country

6 December 2005
Hayama, Japan

The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) is pleased to announce the publication of its "CDM Country Guide," a series of manuals for CDM project development for each Asian country including, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The Guide was compiled under the Integrated Capacity Strengthening for the CDM/JI (ICS-CDM/JI) Programme* initiated by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. The version for Thailand will be available in early 2006.

The Guide aims at facilitating CDM project developments in Asia by providing necessary information to both project developers and potential investors. The main focus of the Guide is to provide country-specific information from a practical aspect of preparing CDM projects in the selected countries. The information goes far beyond that of currently available CDM guidebooks and includes: CDM potential sectors, project approval procedures, legal aspects, financing issues and government incentives which may affect project developers and/or investors.

In addition, the guides have many annexes that vary among the countries based on information availability. These include such things as a contact list of major stakeholders, a Project Concept Note (PCN) form and other valuable information.

The "CDM Country Guide" will be presented at the side event organised by the Government of Japan** during COP11 and COP/MOP1 on 7 December 2005. In this side event, the IGES CDM Programme will report on its CDM capacity-building activities in the Asia-Pacific region.

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* Integrated Capacity Strengthening for CDM (ICS-CDM) programme
IICS-CDM programme was launched in October 2003, as one of several CDM/JI promotion initiatives by Ministry of the Environment, Japan. It conducts training and other activities in support of CDM in developing countries in Asia. The programme disseminates information, contributes to the establishment of networks in Japan and the target countries, and builds capacity to initiate, develop and implement CDM projects.

** "JAPAN ON THE MOVE: Japan's Innovative Technologies for Tackling Climate Change" 
7 December 2005 (Wednesday) 18:00-21:00, Kazan River Room, Palais des Congres de Montreal

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