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Organic Waste Composting Relevant Activities
- Research on Effective Local Initiatives to Promote Sustainable Development -

IGES Kitakyushu Urban Centre has been sharing with many Asian cities the participatory good practice being carried out in Surabaya, Indonesia of reducing waste through the promotion of organic waste composting.

This activity aims to explore the potential of local initiatives for achieving sustainable development in Asia. Following the past achievements under the Kitakyushu Initiative, a successful solid waste management model developed in Surabaya City will be further studied and promoted for replication in other cities in Asia.

KitaQ System Composting Network Website

1. Waste Reduction Programme through the Promotion of
    Organic Waste Composting by KitaQ System

Technical Supervision for Part2: Jpec Co., Ltd. Wakamatsu Environment Research Institute
Spanish translation was supported by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Kyushu

Title Japanese English Spanish
Part1 Organic Waste Composting: The Surabaya City, Indonesia Experienc 1.9MB 3.5MB 730KB
Part2 Composting for Waste Reduction - Information Kit 3.5MB 4.3MB 1.9MB
Application of Organic Waste Composting in
Indonesia 1.7MB 2.4MB 640KB
Thailand 1.5MB 2.5MB 303KB
the Philippines 1.3MB 2.1MB 330KB
2. "Reducing Waste through the Promotion of Organic Waste Composting"

An excellent new video, produced by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Kyushu, introduces these activities. Also available is a video specifically on the Takakura Composting Method.
JICA-Net Library(JICA Website)
JICA-Net Library( Details of Contents)

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3. Composting manuals prepared by other cities and JICA volunteers

Composting manuals prepared by other cities and JICA volunteers

Costa Rica

Produced by Chieko Takenaka, JICA Volunteer and Kenedy Villalobos, Municipalidad de San Isidro de Heredia, Costa Rica
Folleto Compost Takakura   1.2MB
Folleto Compost Takakura Q&A   472KB


Produced by Environment Department, Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA), Thailand
Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) Compost 602KB

4. Organic Composting Manual for Kids "Organic Composting- How Great!"

This 16 pages booklet was planned as supplementary reading material for a Junior Science School (JSS) seminar jointly organised by the Kyushu Institute of Technology and IGES in May to August, 2013. KUC took advantage of this opportunity to introduce our research activities on community-based solid waste management in Asian countries/cities. This booklet, which is in the style of a comic, shows a family that tries to grow vegetables in their home garden. It doesn't go well at first, but by getting some advice from an imaginary character named "the fairy of the soil", they learn that composting is made from household garbage and makes nutritious soil for growing delicious vegetables. This booklet is mainly for lower grades of elementary school, however it is useful for teachers/adults who are trying to learn how to make compost technically.

The Contents of "Organic Composting- How Great!"
1. Soil that is Friendly for Microorganisms
2. Reducing Waste at Home
3. How to Make Compost Part 1
4. How to Make Compost Part 2
5. Let's Use Compost

The English and Japanese versions are available here  »PDF Download
The Bahasa Indonesia version is available here »PDF Download
Organic Composting Manual for Kids "Organic Composting- How Great!"  »For details

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5. Related Publications
Publication Type Published Date    Title
Policy Brief 2010.04 Reducing Waste through the Promotion of Composting and Active Involvement of Various Stakeholders: Replicating Surabaya's Solid Waste Management Model
Peer-reviewed Article 2009.12 Reducing Municipal Waste Through Promoting Integrated Sustainable Waste Management (ISWM) Practices in Surabaya City, Indonesia (in Ecology and the Environment)
Conference Proceedings  2010.10 International Training Workshop for National Policy Framework on Municipal Solid Waste Management in Indonesia
Conference Proceedings   2011.07 A Networking Seminar on KitaQ System Composting in Asia
Conference Proceedings    2012.03 A Networking Meeting for Local Governments: Creating Low Carbon and Sustainable Cities
Discussion Paper 2011.11 KitaQ System Composting and Its Applicability in Asia: Lessons Learned and Future Potential
Discussion Paper 2011.09 Local Governance and Environmental Sustainability in Minamata City: Beyond Deadlock and Conflict to Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration
Discussion Paper 2011.06 Survey on Household Waste Generation and Public Awareness on Waste Separation and Composting Practices in Cebu City
Discussion Paper 2012.03 Kitakyushu City's International Cooperation for Organic Waste Management in Surabaya City, Indonesia and It's Replication in Other Asian Cities
Discussion Paper 2012.02 Establishment of Community-based Solid Waste Management System in Metro-Cebu, Philippines
Commissioned Report 2011.03 Establishing a Sound Material-Cycle Society in Sri Lanka: Opportunities and Challenges
Non peer-reviewed Articles 2011.01 Linking Community-based Composting into Municipal Waste Management policies in Surabaya: Lessons Learned (in Help-O Newsletter)

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