International Symposium
Sustainable Resource Use: Issues and Policies with Special Reference to Asia

IGES and the Ministry of the Environment,Japan co-organised an international symposium "Sustainable Resource Use ~Issues and Policies with Special Reference to Asia~" on 13 January 2012 at the Tokyo International Forum. This symposium was part of the research project "An Assessment on the Effects of Resource Circulation on the Environment, Economy and Society with Special Reference on Asia" sponsored by a commissioned project of the Ministry of the Environment,Japan: "Environmental Economy Policy Research contributing to the world society (the Environmental Economic Research)."

In this symposium, Dr. Heinz Schandl made the keynote address and demonstrated the deteriorating trend of resource efficiency, its causes and the necessity of policies for its improvement in the Asia-Pacific region. After his keynote address, researchers involved in Environmental Economic Research presented research outcomes on the following themes: categorization of resource circulation and resource use reduction policies, their evaluations, and economic and physical appraisal on resource constraint. Based on the keynote address and presentations, five panelists held an in-depth discussion on policies and systems for sustainable resource use in the region.

Date and Time
13 January 2012 (Friday) 13:30-17:00
Tokyo International Forum, Hall B5
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Ministry of the Environment, Japan
English and Japanese with simultaneous interpretation
Approx. 130
Free of charge
 Programme and presentation materials
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Time Contents
13:00 Registration
13:30 Opening Remarks
13:35 Introduction
   Dr. Satoshi Kojima(IGES)
13:40 Keynote Speech
“Economy and Resource Efficiency in the Asia-Pacific Region”
   Dr. Heinz Schandl (Senior Research Leader, Social and Economic Sciences Program, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO))PDF495KB(English)
13:55 Presentation 1 “International Cooperation towards Sustainable Resource Circulation in Asia”
   Dr. Yasuhiko Hotta (Deputy Director, Sustainable Consumption and Production Group,
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES))
 Dr. Etsuyo Michida (Researcher, Environment and Natural Resource Studies Group,
Inter-disciplinary Studies Centre, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan
External Trade Organisation)
14:20 Q & A
14:30 Presentation 2 “An Assessment on Resource Use Reduction and Resource Circulation Policies: A Multi-Country Computable General Equilibrium Analysis with Special Reference on Japan, China and Korea”
   Dr. Satoshi Kojima (Director, Economy and Environment Group, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES))PDF958KB(Japanese)
Presentation 3 “An Economic Evaluation of Resource Supply Constraint and Its Verification with Respect to Material Balance”
 Dr. Tsuyoshi Adachi (Professor, International Centre for Research and Education on Mineral and Energy Resource (ICREMER), Akita University) PDF1.4MB(Japanese)
 Dr. Christian Lutz (Managing Director, Gesellschaft fur Wirtschaftliche Strukturforschung mbH (Institute of Economic Structures Research))
15:15 Q & A
15:30-15:45 Coffee Break (15 min)
15:45 Panel Discussion:
What Must be Done to Promote Sustainable Resource Use in Asia
Dr. Satoshi Kojima
Dr. Heinz Schandl
Dr. Christian Lutz
Dr. Etsuyo Michida

Dr. Shinsuke Murakami
(Associate Professor, Department of Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo)
Dr. Yasuhiko Hotta
16:55 Closing Remarks

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