IGES ranked No. 1 in the 2016 Top Climate Think Tanks Ranking in the region!

30 June 2017

We are pleased to announce that IGES has been named as the “Top Climate Think Tank in the Rest of the World outside of North America and Europe (absolute ranking)” in the 2016 edition of the ICCG Climate Think Tank Ranking. The Institute’s global absolute ranking jumped up to No. 7 this year.

About the ICCG Climate Think Tank Ranking: Aiming to recognise the excellence of the main institutions addressing climate issues worldwide, five years ago the International Center for Climate Governance launched a public ranking of the best think tanks active in the field of climate economics and policy. Ranking takes into account the performance of a think tank in conducting high quality research and its role in influencing climate-related and energy policy.

The ICCG think tank’s evaluation is based on a solid quantitative methodology and solid analytical data. Think tanks were assessed and classified on the basis of their performances in a set of 15 indicators, structured in three main pillars: Activities, Publications and Dissemination. Two rankings were established: The Standardized Ranking, which measures the think tanks’ efficiency in per capita/researcher terms, by taking into account the number of researchers in each institution; and the Absolute Ranking measures the think tanks’ performance regardless of their efficiency and hence size.


2016 Top Climate Think Tanks in the Rest of the World - Absolute Ranking

1. Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
2. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
3. African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS)

2016 Top Climate Think Tanks in North America - Absolute Ranking

1. The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
2. World Resources Institute (WRI)
3. Brookings Institution*
*Only climate/environmental department considered

2016 Top Climate Think Tanks in Europe - Absolute Ranking

1. Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)
2. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
3. Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)

ICCG Climate Think Tank Rankings 2016:

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