IGES becomes ‘Supporting Institution’ of the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) to Strengthen Future Collaboration on Sustainable Finance

1 March 2017

IGES was accepted as a ‘Supporting Institution’ of the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) in February 2017, the 51st organisation to do so, and the first from Japan. Most of these supporting institutions are from the financial sector, with a limited number of research institutes dealing with sustainable development like IGES.

Supporting institutions are expected to actively contribute to UNEP FI in various ways, such as disseminating UNEP FI information and materials, supporting their meetings and training, and cooperating in research and development activities as appropriate.

IGES has been collaborating with the UNEP FI and has held a series of seminars for UNEP FI signatories in Japan on relevant topics such as Climate Finance and Climate-related Financial Disclosure. IGES will also provide technical support for UNEP FI’s Asia Pacific Roundtable and 25th anniversary event to be held in Tokyo in December 2017.

UNEP FI works with financial institutions to advance sustainable development finance through initiatives such as ‘Positive Impact Finance’. One of IGES’ priorities is making strategic policy recommendations on measures to mobilise private capital, especially from institutional investors and financial institutions, which closely links to the objectives of UNEP FI’s innovative research and capacity building activities.

Going forward, IGES will aim at providing consolidated findings from new UNEP FI initiatives and from discussions with Japanese signatories as one way to increase recognition of UNEP FI and its signatories in Japan, and will work to ensure that Japanese good practices form part of the input into UNEP FI.

In this context, IGES will enhance outreach activities on sustainable development finance with various stakeholders in cooperation with UNEP FI as a Supporting Institution.

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