Strategic and Quantitative Analysis Centre

The Strategic and Quantitative Analysis Centre (QAC) functions as a hub to promote the science-policy linkage for achieving sustainable development. It contributes in creating value-added knowledge through strategic research and quantitative policy assessment so as to provide practical policy recommendations, helping informed policymaking and problem-solving in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific and beyond. The Centre looks to support policy assessment at the regional, national and subnational levels by identifying appropriate indictors, and working on filling in the data gaps and data analysis. Work is also done on applying quantitative analysis tools and integrated assessment models to critical topics such as those covered by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including SDG integration and policy coherence, water-energy-food nexus, low-carbon and green economy pathways, green investment and green jobs, climate policy, carbon pricing, trade and the environment, etc. in collaboration with key partners. QAC develops and makes available innovative and transparent quantitative tools (such as the SDG Interlinkages and Data Visualisation Web Tool and the Japan 2050 Low Carbon Navigator) and various research outputs (for details click here) that allow policymakers, the business sector, local governments, academia, university students, NGOs and the general public to better assess options, identify priorities and understand potential trade-offs and synergies. Working in collaboration with researchers and institutes within Japan and abroad, researchers endeavour to reach out to Asian developing countries and beyond to assist in science-based policymaking for transitioning to a low-carbon/carbon-neutral, resource-efficient and resilient society.



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Updated: October 2020

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