Recruitment Details: Strategic Management Office, Knowledge and Communications (SMO‐KC) (Part‐time Staff)

The Strategic Management Office (SMO) develops and manages the Integrative Strategic Research Programme of IGES every four years. In its implementation, the Knowledge and Communications team (SMO‐KC) takes the lead in promoting various cross‐sectoral programmes in close collaboration with respective research units at the Institute. Such operations include the organisation of the IGES annual event – the International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP), coordination of all‐IGES activities for selected global and regional processes on environment and sustainability, and building collaborative relationships with international organisations and other strategic partners. Furthermore, the SMO‐KC is in charge of developing and disseminating timely and clear messages based on science to a diverse range of stakeholders, including national governments, local authorities, businesses, research institutions, NGOs and the media.

Cross‐unit work requires a broad interest in the diverse environmental issues addressed by each of IGES's research units, as well as good communication and coordination skills. It also requires the ability to quickly understand individual research findings and reconstruct them into an integrated message.

In addition, the staff working in this position, depending on their aptitude, will also be requested to participate in public relations and other related activities. We are looking for people who are willing to contribute to these tasks.

Position now Open Strategic Management Office, Knowledge and Communications (SMO‐KC)
Programme Coordinator (Part‐time Staff): 1
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Application Submission Deadline 19 March 2023
Remarks Please note that IGES will begin processing the applications in the order that they arrive, so early submission of your application is highly recommended. When a position is filled, IGES will close the recruitment of the position even during the recruitment process.

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