• Low-Carbon and Environmentally Sustainable City Planning Project in Surabaya, Indonesia – Inception Workshop

  • The Inception Seminar for the Low-Carbon and Environmentally Sustainable City Planning Project was held on 10 July 2013 in Surabaya, Indonesia. The seminar was co-organised by Surabaya City and Institute of Global Environmental Strategies under "the JCM large-scale feasibility study project for low-carbon development in Asia" funded by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. The seminar was opened by speeches by Ir. Hermien Roosita M. M., Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Republic of Indonesia, followed by Ir. Tri Rismaharini, the Mayor of Surabaya and Mr. Noboru Nomura, Consulate-General of Japan at Surabaya. Subsequently, representatives from Ministry of the Environment, Japan, National Council on Climate Change Indonesia (DNPI), East Java Provincial Government, JICA Indonesia Office and City of Kitakyushu presented their views and expectations in this project. After that, the project proponent shared the project outline and planned activities and invited comments and questions. There were about 80 participants in total.

    The project aims to assist Surabaya City in its efforts to transform into a low-carbon and environmentally sustainable city by targeting four sectors: energy management; transport and traffic management; solid waste management; and water and wastewater management. Through this, the project also aims to identify potential large-scale demonstration projects which can be implemented from 2014, as well as establishing a measurement, reporting and verifying (MRV) system for measuring the impact of GHG emissions reduction.

    This inception meeting intended to raise understanding of the project by sharing an overview of the project framework and planned activities for this year, and the project outputs will presented at final seminar will be held in January, 2013. 

  • Presentation materials
  • Opening Session :Introduction to ESC and relevant activities
    Japan’s support to realize “Leapfrog” Low Carbon Development in Asian Cities
    Kotaro Kawamata, Director, International Cooperation Office Ministry of the Environment, Japan
    PDF (3.4MB)
    Indonesia Carbon Market Development and Joint Crediting Mechanism Status
    Carbon Trade Mechanism Division, National Council on Climate Change of Indonesia
    PDF (1.6MB)
    Commitment of East Java Provincial Government in supporting green house gas emission abatement
    PDF (945KB)
    Presentations of the project overview on Low-Carbon and Environmentally Sustainable City Planning in Surabaya
    Project on Low-Carbon and Environmentally Sustainable City Planning in Surabaya, Indonesia
    Toshizo Maeda, IGES Kitakyushu Urban Centre
    Session 1: Energy management; Transport and traffic management
    Introduction of our study on energy sector
    NTT DATA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, Inc. Socio & Eco Strategic Consulting Sector
    Transport Sector’s Study Plan
    PDF ( 1.8MB )
    Session 2: Solid waste management; Water and wastewater management
    Solid Waste Management
    AMITA Corporation, Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Nishihara Corporation
    PDF ( 77KB )
    Pilot Project on the Recycle-Based Intermediate Waste Treatment Facility in Surabaya City, Republic of Indonesia SURABAYA
    PDF ( 1.4MB )
    Waste to Energy project
    Hitachi Zosen Corporation
    PDF ( 1.6MB )
    "Technical Assistance for Designing a Low-Carbon City Plan in Surabaya, Indonesia"
    PDF ( 1.9MB )
    Water Resource Areas
    Matsuo Sekkei Corp. Kitakyushu Water and Sewer Bureau
    PDF ( 1.8MB )
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