Integrated Policies for Sustainable Societies

Sustainable Development Goals

This research identifies suitable targets/indicators for key SDGs (energy, well-being, water) and proposes governance reforms that can help achieve SDGs, especially in relation to the post-2015 development agenda, and overcoming persistent "implementation gaps."

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Clean air, liveable communities, and new jobs typically come higher on the policy agenda than climate change. But Asia’s policymakers increasingly seek solutions that deliver both local development and global climate benefits. In short, they seek co-benefits. This research provides strategic policy recommendations to help achieve co-benefits in Asia. Much of this research is carried out in collaboration works with partners such as Clean Air Asia, the Regional Resource Center for Asia and the Pacific (RRCAP), and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). IGES also serves as the secretariat for the Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP) to disseminate work on co-benefits.

Asian Co-benefits Partnership

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Integrated Policies for Sustainable Cities

This research provides strategic policy recommendations and analytical inputs to facilitate sustainability transitions in cities in Asia, focusing on urban energy systems, transport systems, and the built environment. Of particular interest are methods for measuring, reporting, and verifying (MRV) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in key sectors and governance reforms that can strengthen the implementation of low carbon solutions at the urban level.

The Sustainable Cities Database
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