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22 February 2016 Workshop under the G7-Alliance on Resource Efficiency
Promoting International Cooperation for Improving Global Resource Efficiency
IGES Climate

IGES Working Paper

Can Japan Improve on its INDC Target for CO2 Intensity in the Electricity Sector? Estimation of Renewable Electricity and Nuclear Power in 2030
Takako Wakiyama and Akihisa Kuriyama, IGES
December 2015 
This IGES-Open Climate Network (OCN) paper discusses the CO2 intensity of Japan’s electricity sector in 2030 by assessing the potential of nuclear power and renewable energy.
12 December 2015 The Jakarta Post
Stopping climate change is more affordable than you think
Mark Elder, IGES
Recommendations to strengthen linkage between UNFCCC and Cities for transformative actions (English Summary)
November 2015
This is the summary of a working paper to strengthen linkage between UNFCCC and Cities for transformative actions. In order to accomplish 2-degree Ceusiu target, national target and local climate change actions should be linked. UNFCCC/COP needs a mechanism linking the mid-term national vision, and climate change actions by the Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA).

IGES Policy Report

The Paris Climate Agreement and Beyond:
Linking Short-term Climate Actions to Long-term Goals

November 2015
This report discusses ways to enhance the Parties’ contributions to climate mitigation and finance, drawing lessons for negotiations leading up to the Paris climate agreement.
One Hundred Questions and Answers about MRV in Developing Countries (Version COP21) November 2015

IGES Discussion Paper

Aligning Interests around Mitigating Short Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCP) in Asia:
A Stepwise Approach

November 2015

IGES Policy Report

Achieving The SDGs: From Agenda To Action
July 2015
Press Release
1 October 2015 “GEF-Satoyama Project” Launched Starting with a Call for Proposals in the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot
22 October 2015 IGES signs a commitment to the UN Global Compact and joins that Global Compact Network Japan
9 October 2015 Mr. Kiyoto Tanabe elected as Co-Chair for IPCC Task Force Bureau
New Publications

IGES White Paper

Greening Integration in Asia: How Regional Integration Can Benefit People and the Environment
July 2015
The new IGES White Paper underscores that the benefits of regional integration need to be long-lasting and shared. It cautions that a narrow emphasis on short-term economic gains could undermine the region’s prospects for lasting prosperity by undermining the region’s natural resource base and deepen inequalities within and among countries. However, regional integration also offers opportunities for countries to collaborate and to jointly make development more inclusive, resilient and long-lasting.

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