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Briefing Note on G20

IGES Briefing Note

Implications of the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China for Climate Change, Green Finance and Sustainable Development Goals
Ishii Tetsuya, Tamura Kentaro, Mori Naoki, Zusman Eric and Elder Mark, IGES
September 2016

IGES Policy Brief

Strengthening the Linkages Between Air Pollution and the Sustainable Development Goals
Elder Mark and Zusman Eric, IGES
July 2016
This policy brief analyses the position of air pollution in the SDGs, and makes recommendations for how air pollution could be better integrated into SDG implementation. There is still room to incorporate air pollution more concretely and systematically into the SDG implementation process, especially at the regional, national and local levels.

IGES Policy Brief

SDGs, DRR and CCA: Potential for Strengthening Inter-linkages
R. Shaw,Sivapuram Prabhakar and Chiba Yohei, IGES
July 2016
This policy brief identifies approaches that could help achieve better synergies in implementing three major global frameworks dedicated to sustainable development (SD), disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) on the ground via programmatic integration, collaboration, capacity and innovation.

IGES Policy Report

Legality risks and risk mitigation: A guide for buyers of Papua New Guinean export timber
Scheyvens Henry, Samejima Hiromitsu, Kawai Masayuki and Fujisaki Taiji, IGES
August 2016
Recognising the importance of markets to sustainable forest management, this document provides guidance to timber buyers on the steps that they can take to responsibly purchase Papua New Guinean export timber. Log exports have been a major foreign exchange earner for PNG, but weak enforcement of forest laws means that the forest estate is mostly not managed sustainably, placing the future of this industry in doubt.
IGES Climate

IGES Commentary

Achieving the Goal of Contracting the Global Mean Temperature Increase to Less Than 2°C Is Possible: The Global Calculator’s Message
Kazuo Matsushita
September 2016

IGES Working Paper

How did intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) address capacity building? Implications for future communication by Parties on capacity building under the Paris Agreement
Umemiya Chisa, Goodwin Justin and Gillenwater Michael
July 2016

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16 September 2016 [Preliminary announcement]Recruitment of staff for IGES Integrative Strategic Research Programme for the Seventh Phase
An announcement will be made in November 2016 on the recruitment of Researchers and Administrative staff to join the Integrative Strategic Research Programme for the Seventh Phase which will start from July 2017.
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