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30 July 2015 International Seminar
“Empowerment is key to poverty eradication and human dignity: Lessons and perspectives from the ENRICH program in Bangladesh”
28-29 July 2015 The 7th International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP2015) 
13 July 2015 Media coverage on the Thomson Reuters Foundation
“What should come first: the SDGs, climate deal or finance?”
Peter King and Augustine Kwan, IGES
Press Release
27 July 2015 Make free trade work for sustainable development in Asia – IGES analysis
19 June 2015 Registration Open for the International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific 2015
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IGES White Paper

Greening Integration in Asia: How Regional Integration Can Benefit People and the Environment
July 2015

The new IGES White Paper underscores that the benefits of regional integration need to be long-lasting and shared. It cautions that a narrow emphasis on short-term economic gains could undermine the region’s prospects for lasting prosperity by undermining the region’s natural resource base and deepen inequalities within and among countries. However, regional integration also offers opportunities for countries to collaborate and to jointly make development more inclusive, resilient and long-lasting.

IGES Policy Report

Achieving The SDGs: From Agenda To Action
July 2015
IGES Commentary

IGES Researchers’ Viewpoint

Nepal 2015 Earthquake Reveals Need to Shake-up Water and Disaster Management
Shivakoti Binaya Raj, IGES and Sangam Shrestha, AIT
5 June 2015

(Photo: Deepak Adhikari)

25 March 2015 Change of Address Notice (IGES Tokyo Office)
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    "A Quality Standard for Forest Governance"
  • Video Series
    "Forest monitoring in PNG"

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